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Capacity of food-grade plastic 21.5, 10, and 5 liters - special bins for the preparation of drinking
water-based coagulant

Capacity 21,5 l
The price is 140 UAH

Capacity 10 l
The price is 100 UAH

Capacity 5 l
Not available


The product can provide invaluable assistance in areas where quality water supply is essential. It is also useful for tourists, travelers, military people, doctors and anyone whose life involves long business trips to regions with unfavorable ecological, epidemiological and aquatic environment.

This ecologically clean product bonds impurities such as mineral particles (sediment, metal salts including radionuclides), surfactants, organic particles (the ones resulting from decomposition of plants and animals), biological particles (protozoa, bacteria, plankton etc.)

Certificate of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine 05.03.02-07/59950 granted on 26.09.2014
Patent for invention №96663 registered in Ukrainian State Register of Patents on 25.11.2011.
Ordered by: TOV "NVF ECO". Rroduced by: TOV "ECOtechnologies – 21 century", 11 Lunacharskogo St., Zaporizhia, 69118, Ukraine ©2015


The address of our office in Kiev: m. Arsenalnaya, I. Mazepa str. 3. Phone 063-355-54-11
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Coagulant Testing

The coagulant formula was tested by Igor Molodan, a survival expert, during his Survival in the Wild project and expeditions to different remote places of the planet, including mountain and steppe areas of the Crimea, forests and moorland, Chernobyl Exclusion Zone (Ukraine), Sinai Desert and The Eastern Desert (Egypt), the mountains of Turkey, Oman coast and jungles of West Africa.

A detailed review of coagulant for water purification of the Ukrainian company "EcoTechnologies 21st century", which is tested with 2011. This duration of testing associated with a product feature, which affects the health and performance not only in extreme conditions, but in everyday life. It's time to sum up the results of years of testing.

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Protection in action

Purification process photo

Purification of initial water sample through coagulation
On the left: container with initial water sample (the Dnieper river)
On the right: container with 1 liter of initial water + 2 ml of the coagulant
Sedimentation time in the process of coagulation is 10 minutes

More than 15 years of practice have confirmed the quality and value of the product not only as a water treatment agent but also as a valuable means of individual protection and first aid.

HOW-TO: A QUICK GUIDE on the coagulant application

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